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Coffee Rock Live: For the Love of Good Bands

Talent isn’t always enough. Many great artists and musicians lack exposure and audiences miss out. Recognizing this, friends and music lovers Kevin DeMine and Jim Callery joined forces to found Coffee Rock Live. Their organization helps local bands from the Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, and Washington DC areas get the recognition they deserve. By promoting local and independent music through online means and local concerts, Coffee Rock Live gives talented bands a much needed boost.

The First Event

The first event of the year took place on February 25th and featured the bands Minimus the Poet, Words On Paper, Evergreen and Jane Rittenhouse. It was “held at a local community hall in Hagerstown, MD where many members of the bands playing were originally from.”

The First Promotion

Kevin explains how the bands were promoted: “Our promotion for this event was done by social media outlets, flyers, and word of mouth.  We used Facebook to create events and event notifications, which were sent to each of the bands who were able to invite all of the fans, friends, and families. Flyers were made by a local production company and placed at locations throughout Maryland in which they were appropriate such as coffee houses, open mic nights, and music retailers.  By word of mouth associated with the event through its staff, bands, and advance ticket selling we were able to spread the word through much of the local community which assisted the most in helping us reach our goals.”

Coffee Rock Live was able to engage their intended audience through a variety of outlets, online and off. Social media allowed them to reach a wide audience, and it allowed for many people to take place in the promotion. Information about the show could be posted and reposted by others.

For the event, the bands were tasked with selling the tickets themselves. Presales were made at a lower price and allowed the group to gain a better understanding of how many people would be attending the event.

The Night of the Show

“Each of the artists that had performed did a fantastic job and we could not have asked for better,” Kevin says. “The reception to the event was our biggest personal highlight, as most attendees were impressed by how the show was presented.  We had also been noted by some of the visitors that it had been the best local show they’d seen in that area.”

Preplanning To Prevent Problems

The show went great, but it didn’t take off without a hitch. There were some issues with timing that first night. The venue wasn’t ready at the expected time. Thanks to good planning, this was only a temporary obstacle. The team had planning meetings before the show and worked with checklists to ensure that foreseeable issues could be dealt with ahead of time.

Kevin also suggests keeping in touch with the talent, saying, “We would suggest making sure that all participants in the event are in contact with the event staff in case there had been any changes in their arrangements.”  This ensures everyone is on the same page the day of the event.

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