Scan Me in, Scotty: 3 Steps to Boost Office Security


Control Unruly Customers with Event Badges at the Office

I work at an office in Downtown Chicago that has been the unfortunate recipient of visitors who don’t exactly, shall I say, appreciate the services the company supplies, especially at the prices it supplies them at.

One fine day, a not-so-happy customer stormed through the front door, walked directly up to a manager and began screaming in a fury over a customer service issue.

Now, I’m not saying that a customer’s complaint is not important, but ultimately it is much more important to protect the security of an office and all of its employees than it is to attend to any singular complaint.  Wondering how to protect your office and its most important assets (your employees) without submitting a capital expense request?

# 1:  Lock your doors.

# 2:  Stop scanning CareerBuilder for Receptionist resumes.

 # 3: Use affordable and inexpensive ID Badges with unique numbers, barcodes, and/or magnetic stripping for easy security clearance.

You could hire a receptionist to keep an eye on the now securely locked office door, but what if the bathroom is not in the same suite as your office?  It doesn’t make a great deal of sense to hire someone to let employees back in after using the restroom, especially with regards to how much it costs to add a receptionist onto the roster these days.  Nor do you want to hand out a bunch of keys that are easy to lose and thus, non-cost efficient.

In today’s world, it’s all about multi-tasking.  An employee may be listening voicemail, sending an email, and checking to see if a flight’s been delayed all at the same time.  The last thing you want to do is take up more of their precious time.  And how many times have we all had to fumble around for our keys in our respective purses or pockets, wasting valuable moments we could be spending doing a multitude of other important things?

The answer to your problem with office security lies in the cost-efficient and time-saving solution of ID Badges.  Not only are they smart from an expense standpoint, they are incredibly easy to use and can even be worn fashionably, with an option to design your own lanyard.

Even your walk from the elevator to the office door will improve when you can glance at the person strolling next to you and almost instantly tell whether or not they belong in the unknown persons – and thus, potentially unruly customer – category.

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