Trinity Services, Inc.’s 18 Annual Tom O’Reilly Memorial Golf Outing


Trinity Services, Inc. “a nonprofit, non-sectarian organization, was founded in 1950 as the Trinity School in Joliet, Illinois.” Its purpose is to serve individuals with developmental disabilities in a variety of ways. From residential services to vocational programs and more, Trinity Services, Inc. employs over  1,000 individuals and provides services to more than 1,400 individuals.

On May, 19, 2011, Trinity Services, Inc. hosted its 18th Annual Tom O’Reilly Memorial Golf Outing. The theme was “Feel the Funk,” and volunteers dressed up in funky outfits reminiscent of the flower power era. The organization designed and printed custom tickets from to promote their event.

I recently corresponded with Sherry Ladislas, Director of Development at Trinity Services, Inc.,  to learn more about her experience.

“The best part of the day was the camaraderie people felt as everyone came together for dinner after their game of golf,” Sherry told me. “Other highlights include the interaction golfers experienced on the course with our volunteers, and the live radio broadcast by a local radio station from our event. The DJ interviewed seven of our employees who were able to talk about the multitude of services we provide to people with developmental disabilities and mental illness.”


It sounds like the event was a success. Folks enjoyed themselves, established bonds and money was raised for the organization.  In order to host a successful and well-attended fundraiser, an organization should have a strategy that allows it to maximize its ticket sales. I asked Sherry what tactics her organization employed in order to sell the most tickets. Trinity Services, Inc. employed several methods

1.  We included them in the invitation, which was effective,

2.  We sent them out to our core constituents, also very effective,

3.  Event planning committee members also sold tickets. While this was effective for us, the outcome will be determined by the number of committee members who sell tickets, and the number of contacts they have within their own networks,

4.  Lastly, we sold tickets the day of the event.

Sherry and Trinity Services, Inc. chose to have design and print tickets with Eventgroove . I asked Sherry how the products enhanced her event.

“Eventgroove is an easy way to get raffle tickets quickly, which is important when there are so many other details that require your attention as you prepare for a special event. On a couple of occasions we underestimated the number of tickets we thought we’d sell and had to order more. They arrived very quickly so we didn’t miss important ‘sales time.'”

For those planning a similar event, Sherry left me with this advice, “There are so many organizations out there doing great work in a this difficult economy. Like Trinity Services, many of them have golf outings as a means to bring additional dollars to support the work they do. We just held our 18th annual golf classic. Based on our experience, I would suggest finding unique ways to engage golfers – something that makes your outing stand out from all the rest.”


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