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Urban Truth Launch Event and Fundraiser Connects Underprivileged Youth to Adult Mentors

People came together to offer support for kids in need November 7th with the Urban Truth Launch Event and Fundraiser.  Cedric Brasfield of Urban Truth wrote in an email interview that the event had a large turnout and drove home a powerful message of helping others.  

Urban Truth, Brasfield wrote, connects children with adult mentors. “Urban Truth is a non-profit organization committed to serving the Dallas /Fort Worth underprivileged youth,” he wrote. “We know youth of all ages benefit from the existence of at least one caring adult in their life. The parent child relationship represents a critical resource for children; moreover, support from another adult in addition is also critical.”

Some of the programs and services Urban Truth provide the “opportunity to bond with an adult mentor, receive tutoring, job training, life skills, GED preparation, college preparation, career assessments, fine arts, anger management, family support groups and individual case planning.”

To get the word out about the event, Brasfield said Urban Truth used tactics to galvanize the portions of their audience who are online and in the influential social circles. “Best practices for this event as it relates to marketing would include word of mouth, social media campaign and Evite to public figures,” wrote Brasfield.

The tactics worked extremely well. “It was a success, we had 93 in attendance and sold 140 tickets,” wrote Brasfield. “Our room only held 114 so it was pretty full. It was our launch event so with a semester and a half under our belts I think we hit it out of the park.”

Brasfield wrote that one of the event’s highlights included awarding a prominent community figure. “We gave away a community partner award to a local city council woman for her commitment to the youth in her community and her acceptance speech about losing her own child to violence was a very powerful story,” he wrote.   

If you’re in the planning stages of your own community event and want to have success similar to the Urban Truth Launch Event and Fundraiser, Brasfield writes to get your committee set up and working as soon as possible. “Start planning early and form a committee to aid you in your planning process. Start early working with sponsors and vendors for your event to allow for more flexibility and alignment.”

If you’re working on an event, we’d love to hear about it!

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