What to do When You Don’t Know the Crew


Use Event Badges to Increase Security and Communication on the Set

In order to film a TV show or a movie, you need a crew of people to do a long list of various jobs. From the production staff to the office crew, there may be a lot of people who are on set to get the work done. It can be difficult to recognize all the faces running around and remember everyone’s names, especially with consideration to the constant flux of newcomers that may stream in from day to day.

Whether you’re a manager, supervisor, or an assistant on the crew, you’ll want to have a way to identify others easily. And others should be able to tell who you are, too. There are a number of methods to use for clear and fast identification, but there’s one in particular that’s easy, convenient, and cost efficient to boot.

Why Identify the Crew?

No matter how good someone may be at remembering names and faces, it’s easy to let one slip once in a while. The last thing anyone wants to do is to forget an important person’s name, and thus risk running into an embarrassing situation (or perhaps even losing their job). A great way to prevent this is to print event badges for each person on the crew to wear when they’re on the set.

How to Identify the Crew

Printing event badges for each crew member to wear allows everyone to identify each other at a glance. Not only are there options for what to print on the actual badge, but there are also two distinct types of event badges to choose from. The choice will likely depend on the needs and status of the person who will be wearing it.

Make the Right Decision

Identify the crew with event badges that can be printed with each member’s name, a unique design, or any other information that can be provided in a CSV file. There are even options for how the event badge can be worn. Economy Event Badges can be worn in a clear plastic holder with a bulldog clip, or in a clear vinyl holder with a lanyard and clip.

If the lanyard option is chosen, the company logo can be printed right on it as well. This gives the whole badge the appeal of a useful, professional item that everyone can benefit from.

Every crew member will feel more secure when they are able to recognize each other by looking at their badges.

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