You’ve Got Options: 5 Ways to Boost Security


5 Ways to Make Your Tickets More Secure

When the time comes to print tickets for your event, whether it’s a concert, fundraiser, festival or gala, one thing is certain. You want to make sure each ticket features tried and true security measures, so you can rest easy instead of fretting about potential ticket fraud.

Potential ticket fraud is difficult to deal with in the moment. Once your event is underway, everyone is under pressure to make sure each ticket is real, and they need to do it fast.

On that note, we now offer 5 security features that are easy to recognize to help prevent fraud.

  1. Holograms (on back): Increase security and decrease the chances of fraud with holograms on the back of each ticket. These nifty devices are placed directly on the perforation line between the ticket and stub, and are uniquely tamper-evident.
  2. Glossmarks (on back): Apply glossmarks to the back of each ticket to lower the chances of fraud and increase all-around security. Glossmarks are clear but easy to see by simply moving your hand when holding the ticket.
  3. Unique Barcode and Number (on back): Get fraud prevention for free! Each ticket you print comes with a special barcode and unique number on the back of the stub. In a Code 93 format, these barcodes are easy to scan by most barcode scanners.
  4. Microtext Security Image (on back): Increase event security for free! Any tickets you order with this option feature the Eventgroove logo with secure microtext (extremely small text that’s very difficult to copy) just below it.
  5. Heat Sensitive Security Paper: With heat-sensitive print on one side, identify fake tickets simply by rubbing them with your hand. If the ink and paper changes color, the ticket is authentic.


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